Spellementary is a word-finding programme that can help you look up words, find their spelling, check their meaning and look at possible alternatives. Sometimes you may know a word but you are not sure of the spelling. At other times you may know part of the word, such as the beginning or the end, but not how the whole word is spelt. Spellementary can help you to find those words.



The Medincle Spellchecker is a simple piece of software that downloads and installs into your word-processors and browsers to enable accurate British biomedical spellchecking. No more red lines and only actual errors highlighted.


Global Autocorrect

Global AutoCorrect enables you to focus on what you’re writing by automatically and intelligently correcting your spelling as you type. With Global AutoCorrect you can banish red underlines, save time and get the job done.

Features include:

  • Excellent coverage of general academic and subject specific words. These subjects range from Law to Media Studies, Design to Medicine, and English to Finance!
  • Global AutoCorrect helps you to reduce red underlines, spend less time spell-checking and focus on the creative process of writing.
  • When you make a mistake, the software analyses the sound patterns in the word to understand what you’re trying to spell. This intelligent correction happens instantly.
  • If the software’s not quite sure what you meant, it won’t just guess. Instead, you can pick the word you meant and it will be autocorrected in the future.
  • No plugins or configuration needed – no matter which program you’re using, Global AutoCorrect will automatically correct your spelling!
  • Global AutoCorrect runs silently in the background – just type!
  • Global AutoCorrect keeps track of your spelling mistakes so you can work on them in your own time.
  • The software comes preloaded with millions of autocorrections. It begins to work as soon as it’s installed!


Ghotit Real Writer

Ghotit analyzes written text and offers the following text error recommendations and services:

  1. Spelling Corrections: Advanced spell checking algorithms, taking into account that the written text spelling can be way-off from the correct word spelling.
  2. Grammar & Punctuation Corrections: Unique grammar correction algorithms making sure that also the grammar and punctuation are correct.
  3. Misused Words: Ever spell a word that was recognized as a correctly spelled word, only to find out later that you wrote the wrong word? If so, Ghotit Misused Words service, identifies such errors based on the context of the sentence, and warns you while you are writing the text.
  4. Split and merged words: Ghotit makes sure that you do not mistakenly split or merge words incorrectly.
  5. An integrated dictionary: Displays the meaning of each predicted word (including an example sentence with the predicted word).
  6. Read out loud: Reads the corrected word and meanings out loud.


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