Audio Notetaker

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is software for PC or Mac which offers a visual and interactive form of note taking. Audio recordings are transformed from a single stream of information to easy to interpret coloured bars. Audio Notetaker is an ideal piece of assistive technology software to help those who struggle with note-taking.

The software allows the user to import their audio from their computer or a portable device such as a digital voice recorder. Alternatively, the user can record audio straight into the software using a headset, microphone or the computer’s microphone.

Each phrase in the recording is split into manageable sections. The user can easily manage their recording by highlighting sections that perhaps they didn’t understand or think is important into different colours. These colours can be amended and titled to mean different things for the user. They can also delete, move and edit sections. PowerPoint slides, images, and more, can be added into the file and is instantly matched up to the relevant part of audio recording.

Olympus Sonority

The Olympus Sonority software included with the Olympus Digital Voice Recorders lets you connect your recorder to a PC to transfer, manage and edit audio files.
There are a wide array of functions to help you make the most of the sounds you record, with quick and easy operations.
It also provides several web services like RSS Information and Podcast Channels.
Moreover, the Plus Version adds the MP3 editing and Audio CD writing features and in addition to Plus Version, a Music Editing Plugins can be purchased which enables more than 20 advanced additional effects and multiple tracks editing capabilities.
Windows and Macintosh users are welcome as Macintosh is fully supported.


Glean by Sonocent

Glean by Sonocent is a new web-based app which provides a streamlined audio recording solution accessed through the web browser, making it accessible to a wider range of devices than the Audio Notetaker software.

Glean has been designed to offer meaningful notes with minimal effort. Its clean workspace creates a distraction-free, stress-free process to help students focus in the moment and then later organise information to create useful notes.



NTEhub is an audio recording and note writing study support software by Note Taking Express.

NTEhub helps learners who have different needs and study challenges get the best results from attending and recording lectures and undertaking their own self-study.

The platform is web-based (no download and installation process required) assistive technology and works on any smartphone, PC, laptop or Chromebook.

It supports students of all abilities to easily work with rich media lecture material, such as video, audio, slides and images, in one place. NTEhub also combines a versatile project management tool and innovative accessible interface.

Check out their video with details about their mobile app.

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